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Total Broadcast Consultants is Ireland's number one choice for broadcast, a company with unparalleled experience and expertise in the radio industry, delivering unequalled quality with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Total Broadcast Consultants is unique - in the recent round of license applications in Ireland,  every application that we contributed to was successful! No other company can boast a 100% success rate. FM transmission facilities designed and maintained by Total Broadcast Consultants are renowned for their excellent quality and reliability. In addition, with several AM projects under our belt, we are the only company in Ireland with any recent AM experience. With Total Broadcast Consultants you can be sure that the advice given, the equipment specified and the work done is all designed and guaranteed to be the very best for your radio station.

Total Broadcast Consultants have a solid background in radio engineering so you can be sure their recommendations are based primarily on what is best for you, the client. With over over 25 years experience working in the professional radio industry, and during that time having built up a unique insight into the workings of the modern radio station. Total Broadcast has real working experience in presentation, news, programming, sales and marketing - all gained through years at the cutting edge of successful radio stations.  With this knowledge we can offer our clients something unique - the ability to see and understand how good technical facilities, design and support are important to today's radio professional.


Total Broadcast Consultants prides itself of its broad knowledge, wide gamut of expertise and huge pride in its work. Andy Linton started his relationship with radio engineering at hospital radio stations, progressed through many well-known stations in the 80s and 90s and has recently worked with some of Europe's most respected radio companies.

Total Broadcast Consultants completed, in 2003, the most prestigious radio project in Ireland in the past 25 years: The design, supply and installation of the country's first independent regional radio station - Beat 102-103. During this contract, at the country's first two-station, purpose-built radio complex (shared with Waterford's WLR-fm) we completed nine studios and seven transmitter sites in just five weeks - to a standard hitherto unseen in Irish commercial radio. The successful completion of this project was down to our team of installation engineers - all seasoned professionals - and to the ethos of high quality and cost effective service of which we are proud.

Since then, we have built several brand new radio stations, in fact of the four regional stations in Ireland, we are responsible for three of them! Total Broadcast Consultants has designed, specified, installed and commissioned more new radio stations in Ireland than any other company!

Contact us today and be assured that you are getting the best there is.

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