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PA Hire

We can now supply a full PA system, for indoor or outdoor gigs of all sizes! The best of gear, engineer, anything you'd need for a brilliant gig - at a great price! Contact us for details.


Total Broadcast can hire out transmitters from a few watts to a couple of Kilowatts, (licence required), audio processors, Tieline POTS codecs (far passing high quality audio over a normal phone line or via an internet connection) ISDN codecs for very high quality stereo or mono links, Radio Microphone systems, mixing desks, CD players and many other broadcast related products.

For example, a studio setup suitable for OB or temporary licence can be rented from €620 per week , or €1,445 per month, with the following items:

1 D&R Airmate 8-ch mixer (with tiltable flight case)
1 Microphone - Presenter
2 Microphones
1 Heavy duty mic stands w/internal springs
2 Mic stands
3 Headphones
1 Headphone distribution amplifier
1 On Air light and switcher
1 Twin CD players (rack mount)
1 pr powered monitor speakers
1 Tuner (rack mount)
1 Touch Screen PC with TotalRecorder for logging
1 Telephone Hybrid
1 Radio Clock

For transmission, for €850 a week, or €1,900 per month how about the following?:

1 Audio limiter and processor, Orban Optimod or Inovonics
1 Lowpass or Bandpass filter (required by BAI)
1 Antenna, mounting bracket and low loss coaxial cable
1 RDS Coder
1 250 Watt transmitter CTE
1 Dipole
25m coaxial cable 1/2" heliax

If you only require a 25 watt transmitter the cost drops to €760 per week, or €4,700 per month.

Prices are indicative, and further discount may be applied if both packages are rented together.

We can also offer other combinations of equipment, just ask!


If you have any other broadcast equipment hire needs, we will almost certainly be able to help!

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