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Temporary licence application and facilitating


At the moment, one 30 day licence in any year can be applied for, the 30 days can be split up into any amount of whole days, for example 15 weekends. They need not be consecutive, although account needs to be taken of other temporary stations which may have already booked dates especially in the Dublin area, as there are relatively few frequencies available.


We can help you write the section three technical detail for your BAI temporary licence, as well as advise on many other relevant details of applying for a temporary licence.

We will also rent you studio and / or transmission facilities, including the site itself in many areas - contact us for details.

FM and AM coverage prediction


Using sophisticated computer software, coupled with real world knowledge of radio propagation, Total Broadcast offers coverage prediction mapping and point to point link analysis, not only for broadcast (AM and FM), but also for other frequencies and usage, for example PMR and 'Wi Fi'. Contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.We can also provide computer simulated antenna modelling.

Web Streaming


We offer a high quality and reliable web streaming service, at the best rates in the country.


We recommend the use of AACplus coding to provide the highest quality while keeping bit rates low - which means even listeners with dial-up internet connections can hear your stream perfectly.


However we can also provide Windows Media streaming if required.


Our webstream servers are located within a protected data centre with full power and connection backups. 

And uniquely, with Total Broadcast Streaming we give you password-protected access to an analysis webpage which shows you how many people are listening now, graphically how many have been listening in the past and even exactly where they are!


Our AACplus streams can be played using Winamp or with Windows Media Player (once a free plugin has been installed).


We can also supply the Orban Opticodec 1010 web encoder, and we recommend that this is fed with audio processed either by an Orban Optimod processor with HD output, or with the dedicated Optimod-PC1101 PCI card processor.


Please click here to hear a webstream from our server, encoded with the PC1010 and processed with the PC1101.


Remember, this is only a 32k stream, but in stereo! - your listeners will get this quality on as little as a 56k dialup modem!


Alternatively we also have a 64k MP3 mono stream here, and a high-quality 128k MP3 stereo stream here for comparison purposes.

Of course if you wish we can provide higher bitrate streams, up to 320kbps.


Please contact us for more information and pricing - you'll be surprised at our rates!


And check out our internet radio station Zenith Classic Rock to hear our expertise in audio processing, webstreaming, music scheduling, and production first hand!

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