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Tieline - the most reliable way to connect your OBs and remote broadcasts!

Tieline codecs are renowned the world over as the ones that work when others fail. Whether you want to connect your OB, sports broadcast, remote studio etc by POTS (Plain Ordinary Telephone Service) line, ISDN, 3G cellular, IP or leased line - Tieline is the broadcaster's best choice.

A choice of four units, the Tieline Commander, the Tieline iMix, the Tieline Rack unit and the IP-only Bridge-IT makes the system truly versatile.

Choose the Commander for two input channels (mic or line) and two connection modules. If you need to mix up to six sources, choose the iMix, which comes as standard with POTS, a 6-channel mixer, full talkback, four headphone outputs, and a standard phone connection for taking callers.

At the radio station the Tieline TLR300B2 is the rack unit, which can accomodate up to two connection modules.

All units come with IP connectivity as standard.

Of particular note is the Tieline Report-IT iPhone app. This transforms your iPhone into a broadcast-quality audio codec! Your reporters can send live or pre-recorded reports straight back to base without cumbersome hard-disk recorders or laptops.

And with Report-IT Enterprise, you can even assign one of your Report-IT licences to ANY iPhone in the world (even that elusive rock-star in LA!), conduct the broadcast-quality interview, then de-authorise the app!

And available NOW, the superb Tieline iPhone mic adaptor!





Please contact us for more information, pricing and a free demonstration.

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