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TeleScreen, our exclusive new call-screening and managing software!

With this system you can see at a glance who is calling your radio station before you even answer the call!

See the caller's name, location, the number of previous calls, if they're a regular, if they're a contest winner and what they've won before.

You can flag unwanted callers so when they call the producer is warned...

TeleScreen has a Call Counter, so you can easily run those "9th Caller" contests, and a 'chat' window so your producer or screener can send and receive messages from the presenter - and much more.

Telescreen is compatible with any standard telephone lines and most broadcast telephone systems.

TeleScreen is supplied as software and a hardware interface. A master PC is required for this interface to connect to and to host the database.

Total Broadcast Consultants can supply the system as interface and software for use with an existing PC, or as a system with a preconfigured PC ready for connection to your network.

Please contact us for pricing (far more reasonable than any comparable system) and more details!

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